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From Málaga with love

In Malaga, life is an invitation. A gentle call to all who arrive for a moment, or an eternity, to celebrate simple, everyday pleasures. Buena vida – as we call it here – is the true meaning of a life well lived, full of laughter, colors, aromas and fusions. This feeling filled our founder, Pablo Larios, two centuries ago, the first time he stretched his feet on the sand and felt the breeze through his hair. He left his pocket watch on the ship that brought him to Málaga, and never looked back. The Larios family were visionaries who captured the timeless spirit of Málaga, its endless sun, its vibrant heart, its deep soul. They poured it into their Mediterranean gin and sent a message in a bottle from Málaga to the world: Take a sip of our Larios gin… and enjoy being yourself with friends.

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How do you do, Gin?

The English occupy the Balearic Island of Menorca and the Gin culture begins its first primitive steps around Spain.

Welcome to Malaga

Pablo Larios and his sons emigrate to Málaga by sea from Logroño in search of weaving a new fortune in the south. Casa Larios begins life as a textile business first in wool, then in cotton imported from the Antilles. Pablo’s entrepreneurial spirit and business savvy pave the way for the Larios family’s influence in Málaga and across southern Spain.

Larios spirits is born

Martín Larios y Herreros, son of Pablo Larios becomes the first Marquis of Larios, receiving the title from Queen Elizabeth II. With the industrial revolution in full swing, he seizes the opportunity to innovate and registers Larios as a spirits company. A highly accomplished businessman, his methods and approaches are imitated by businessmen all over Andalusia.

The first citrus burst

The Mediterranean style gin we know, and love is still a twinkle in the Larios Family’s eye, as they create and establish the Guardiaro Industrial and Agricultural Society. Casa Larios turns its hand to cultivating various crops and begins to grow the oranges and lemons in Andalusia fields that would later be used in Larios Gin.

Distilling the future

A Spanish Royal Decree regulates the gin manufacturing process, requiring it to be made from grain brandy. A couple of years earlier, the Larios family had gained ownership of “Jiménez y Lamothe”, a prestigious French business whose magnificent 1866 brandy would become the pride and joy of the Larios distilleries. The seeds of a bright future are sown.

Wings and roots

The third Marquis of Larios, Jose Aurelio Larios, who has been busy expanding the Larios business nationwide, decides it’s time to invest in gin production. He waves adios to Larios and Co. and we say hola to, Larios, S.A., a new brand, which at the same time incorporated gin.

Making history and herstory

Ángeles Gutiérrez de Gallarza, the widow of José Aurelio Larios leads the Larios business – quite remarkable in those days. She later remarries General Eduardo González-Gallarza and hands the reins to him.

Number 1 in Spain

Larios becomes Spain’s best loved gin

From Malaga to the world

Larios becomes the most popular gin in Europe and the 3rd most consumed gin in the world

Changing hands

Rafael González-Gallarza, son of General Eduardo González-Gallarza sells the family business to Pernod Ricard

Changing Fortunes

Fortune Brands (later part of Jim Beam) acquire Larios from Pernod Ricard

Changing bases

Distilling and bottling operations of Larios move to Segovia

A star is born

Launch of Larios 12 (later known as Larios Gin) as jewel and flagship

New Horizons

Larios launches its “Mediterranean Spirit” strategy, giving its entire brand an overhaul and a return to its beloved roots… which is, of course, a resounding success.

150 years of Buena Vida

To mark 150 years of passion for the buena vida, Larios launches the new Larios 150 as part of its premium range, which includes Larios Dry and Larios Rosé.

Facing forward

Larios’ reputation continues to grow. Our gin wins a variety of prestigious awards, including "Product of the Year 2017" for Larios Rosé under 'Alcohol' category awarded by 'Product of the Year'.

Lights, camera, action!

Our first film. As we hold on to the top slot as Spain’s most beloved gin, Larios releases its first brand film: “Another one of those dreams of yours”, directed by Diego Postigo, with costumes designed by Palomo Spain. And… to top it all, Larios Citrus joins the family.

Larios on the red carpet

Larios produces the videoclip “Another place” in collaboration with Alizzz, and the artist Paula Cendejas, with costume design by Juan Vidal. “Another one of those dreams of yours” wins bronze at the London 2019 Brand Film Festival in the foreign language category.

Don’t imitate, innovate…

Larios Provençal is launched, reiterating our commitment to innovation and moving with the times and tastes of our consumers. The same year, Larios Dry dazzles with a new label design.


There’s more to Málaga than endless sun, rolling waves and sizzling sardines. Here, we have truly mastered the art of living well. From the moment we get up, to the moment we sleep, we dance to another rhythm. We know the best of life is on the streets, in the bars, on a terrace overlooking the sea. Joy for us, is time spent with those we love, forgetting that time exists. For over 150 years, Larios has been savoring and serving the beauty of everyday things. The fresh and pure essence of the buena vida lifestyle. And it may be thanks to the refreshing citrus flavor, the unmistakable fragrance of orange blossom, or the subtle juniper notes… But we pour all our Mediterranean essence into every glass of Larios so that everyone can effortlessly enjoy – in the measure they choose – the true taste of this one and only buena vida.

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We believe everyone can find their natural flow in Málaga’s rhythm. Subtle juniper and bold orange blossom embody the buena vida. Let go and celebrate what truly brings you joy.

Closeness is at the heart of all we do. For us, the best moments in life are those shared as the sun melts and we raise a glass to all we know and love.

We use locally-inspired ingredients to promote the prosperity of our homeland. By sharing our essence and rhythm, we invite you to enjoy the buena vida, while drinking responsibly.

Unique Origins

Málaga is our home but we arrived here as travelers from another part of Spain two centuries ago. As we say here: our home is your home. Today, our gin reflects the nature of the Mediterranean people… vibrant, easygoing and warmly welcoming to anyone who wants to taste la buena vida with us and discover the beauty in life's simple, everyday pleasures. Ours is a story of people, passion and the finest fresh ingredients. Take a sip or a long drink and let yourself be enchanted by the flow of the rhythm and natural Mediterranean spirit of Málaga.

The Catedral de la Encarnación de Málaga, one of Malaga's important architectural structures.

Deeply Rooted in the Mediterranean

From the citrus farms we planted to the first Spanish Gin, Larios has long been loved by locals for its authenticity and locally inspired citrus fruits.Ours is a family business, where know-how has been passed from generation to generation – often at a gathering over tapas or a stunning sunset. By the 1980’s, we had become the third best-selling gin anywhere in the world, but we’ve never forgotten our roots or the reason we exist. We have always blended our culture and roots with passion and progress, just as we did when we first created the original Mediterranean gin.

A sparkling blue bottle and glass of Larios Gin, with juniper garnish.
 Juniper berries off branch
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