A bottle of Larios premium gin
A bottle of Larios dry gin beside a fresh cut of orange

Larios Gin

Smooth and refreshing, with an orange blossom touch that melts like a Mediterranean sunset. Distilled four times to lock in its unique flavor, for a perfect finish to a perfect day.

Tasting Notes

A fresh orange


Zesty orange

Juniper berries off the branch


Elegant, fresh herbal sensations, a touch of citrus, orange blossom and hints of botanicals

Orange peel used as gin garnish


Refreshing and delicate, slightly spicy, citrus blossom

White flower used as gin garnish


Silky touch to the palate



Living well means uncovering the beauty that lies in simple everyday things, it's celebrating the art of Málaga's buena vida lifestyle. It’s working at something you love and, at the right time, going out and enjoying your free time. Living well is an art and, in the Mediterranean, we practice it with mastery.

Two glasses of Larios gin at a live music show


From Málaga with love

In Málaga life is an invitation. A gentle call to all who arrive for a moment, or an eternity, to celebrate simple, everyday pleasures. Buena vida – as we call it here – is the true meaning of a life well lived, full of laughter, colors, aromas and emotions.  

This feeling filled our founder, Pablo Larios, and the whole Larios family two centuries ago. They dedicated their lives to capturing the timeless spirit of Málaga, its endless sun, its vibrant heart, its deep soul and its welcoming people. They poured it into their Mediterranean gin and sent a message in a bottle from Málaga to the world: Take a sip of Larios gin…and enjoy being yourself with friends. 


Pink bottle of larios rose


Infused with juniper and distilled four times with Mediterranean citrus, a subtle strawberry twist blushes and beckons us to unwind into the soft, sweet and refreshing taste.

Brand Story

Tips & Tricks


Shake, stir, serve... and share the really good life.
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The Catedral de la Encarnación de Málaga, one of Malaga's important architectural structures.


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Blue Larios glass cup filled with Gin Tonic Rose and garnished with orange peels
Blue Larios glass cup filled with Gin Tonic Rose and garnished with orange peels, standing on a white surface infront of the ocean.



Here’s to the good life. Find out what makes Larios the authentic Mediterranean-style gin.

The Catedral de la Encarnación de Málaga, one of Malaga's important architectural structures.


Larios gins are made with Malagan soul, deep know-how, and locally inspired fruit and botanicals

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