Mediterranean Style Summer Gin Cocktails

Larios is made for sharing. Add bold Mediterranean ingredients, lively liqueurs, subtle mixers and a dash of creativity. Serve the best of the buena vida in a big glass.

A person spritzing water at a blue Larios glass cup and a bottle of Larios Gin on a blue surface
Larios Dry Gin

Larios Mediterranean Garden

This cocktail pays tribute to the orange and its iconic orange blossom flowers, ingredients and fragrances that surround the design in its birthplace. A subtle creation of exquisite quality that stands out for the lavender essence, which evokes the gardens of the Mediterranean coast.

Larios gin

Larios Mediterranean Memories

A cocktail that’s as minimalist, elegant and timeless as great fashion design. Its blazing red color and smooth cosmopolitan flavor make it the perfect accompaniment for an aperitif or a slow sunset.

Larios gin

Larios Raspberry Bliss

A colorful and sublime creation that invites you to stare out over the sea. With the refreshing and fruity flavor of raspberry and grapefruit and a touch of white chocolate syrup.


Let your creativity flow

Shake, stir, serve... and share the good life.

A filled Larios glass garnished with lemon and lime slices on a table with olives in bowls